WORK has been completed on the first mural in a series of four, which are set to be added to an abandoned cruise liner, which is on course to be transformed into Europe’s largest open air art gallery.

The four murals are all being created within the space of 8 days, and are part of the second phase of a controversial project, that will see The Duke of Lancaster cruise liner restored from a derelict wreck, into a stunning new tourist attraction for Flintshire, North Wales.

The first in this series has been created by Brighton based artist Snub23. His work joins existing murals, which were added throughout 2012, when the first phase of the project began.

The giant masterpiece named, “Your Time is Up, The Future is Here”, has been created so it appears to be breaking out from the inside of the ship. The 3D style character, as the name suggests is designed to look like a futuristic robot. The piece is an impressive 12m x 12m, spanning nearly the full height of the ship.

SNUB23, who is known for his high impact graphics, was quick to get involved with the project, commenting: “Chance to paint a massive boat? Hell yeah. Metal is made for me. Especially the old, rusted and eroded stuff, flaked paint surfaces and battered edges. That stuff is art on its own.

“Much of my current work is on metal which I shape and texture. My character is made of metal and I always paint him as big as I can. This rusted wreck has an apocalyptic feel to it. It’s obvious I’d be up for this, it has it all.

The project is being coordinated by anarchist group DuDug, who with the owner’s permission, have so far involved artists from across Europe, who have either left their own murals or created pieces which pay homage to the Duke.

Commenting on why they approached SNUB23, Project Director, Maurice, comments: “SNUB23 is an exciting artist who has really made a name for himself on the art scene, having exhibited and painted at events across Europe. He is known for creating a statement on anything from backdrops for parties, to album covers, to clothes and toys, as well as back out on to the streets.

“He is not afraid to experiment with new techniques to produce diverse works using stickers, paste-ups, stencils and freehand spray paints. This made him a perfect fit for the project, which is all focussed around large scale pieces, which have a clear message and make a statement.”

Phase 2 of the project continues throughout this week, with work to be completed by Dale Grimshaw, a well-respected gallery artist originally from Lancashire; Spacehop, who started out as a street artist, but now works on canvas, creating freehand pieces; and finally, Dan Kitchener, a London and South East based artist who frequently changes his technique to experiment with different mediums.