Natural Selection is never RANDOM

RANDOM, AKA The Flintshire Banksy has answered the call to arms and joined The DuDug Crew creating a striking image on the side of The Duke of Lancaster, entitled “Point of Ayr”

Earlier this year, DuDug offered RANDOM the chance to leave his mark on the beached cruise liner. Maurice Blunt, Project Director said “DuDug has followed the work of RANDOM for some time now and we love the way he captures the history of this area in his images and the air of mystery which surrounds his work”

“We were delighted when RANDOM answered our call and over the past two months he has worked on a number of stencils to bring his piece to life and we are delighted to unveil the latest artwork in a series of works that aims to turn The Duke of Lancaster into the largest open air art gallery in the UK”

Entitled “POINT OF AYR”, this is another piece by RANDOM paying homage to the lost and forgotten working class heroes of the area and lamenting the loss of all the large scale employers which left the working landscape in Flintshire decimated in the last 30 years. This piece, depicting a miner, joins a number of similar pieces around Flintshire including “The Courtaulds Girls”, “The Steelworker” and “The Fisherman”.

RANDOM himself explains “I am interested in the history of the working man and woman, it is I believe a history which has been marginalised over time”

“Whilst millions are spent on maintaining and restoring stately homes and grand houses, very little is spent on preserving the working and living conditions of the common man”

“In fact, great effort is put into beautifying the nation’s industrial heritage; take for example the parks and shopping centres now built over the closed pitheads and factories all over the country. This is why I choose to paint pictures which remind the viewer of the people whose sweat and labour built the country in which we now live.”

DuDug feel the same way about The Duke of Lancaster as the local council seems content with sitting back and ignoring the pleas from many groups to get them to work with owners to secure a meaningful future for the ship, a future which is doomed without the goodwill of the council.

Maurice continues; “The Council continue to put forward claims that are simply untrue. The most startling of which is, they state, Glan-y-Don bridge, which takes loads in excess of 30 tonnes on a daily basis, is not strong enough to support a 12 tonne fire engine if emergency access was ever required on the ship’s dock. This is blatant discrimination.

“We have repeatedly asked the Council’s Head of Regeneration to justify his claim. We even asked the important questions on a 6 x 4 ft post card but now unfortunately it seems Dudug are shamefully being ignored as we haven’t received a response from our last two correspondences”

The owners of the ship have had a series of well documented legal battles with the council about their plans for the ship, since they first docked the Duke there in the 1970s.