Mr Zero

The Prophets of Profit

AS PUBLIC interest continues to grow around The Duke of Lancaster, a decommissioned cruise liner which has become the home to a range of urban artwork murals, more artists are coming forward to leave their works on the abandoned boat. Docked off the North Wales Coastline, the ship has this week played canvas to a Hungarian Street Art Crew, who left a dramatic mural, and this was quickly followed by a well-known Irish artist, who has left a hidden beauty piece.

Mr Zero and Fatheat are part of Street Art Crew, Colored Effects Crew. They have made the trip to North Wales from their native Hungary, to leave their own message about corruption on the 1950s cruise liner, with their works which are titled ‘The Prophet of Profit’. This has been split into two separate portraits which are positioned either side of Bristolian Artist Bungle’s ‘Face of Authority’ piece.

Mr Zero has created a 12 x 7m pig character. Notably he has included the council’s own logo on the pig’s hat and incorporated provocative wording: ‘Greed’, ‘Power’ and ‘Corruption’ next to the character. With the Ship owners’ well publicised on-going battle with the council, this wording and figure is somewhat poignant.