Duke of Lancaster’s Hidden Gem

In direct contrast to the other characters and the other artworks on the ship, Irish artist Fin DAC has created a beautiful image, depicting a Geisha Character. Titled ‘Mauricamai’, this painting is tucked away around the hull side of the ship. It has been purposefully positioned so it can’t be seen from the coastal path – it can only be seen if the ship’s dock is opened to the public.

Project coordinator, Maurice commented: “The long term aim of this project is to transform the ship into a landmark, a living and evolving work of art, but most importantly into the country’s largest open air art gallery. Without the cooperation of the council in helping to create a tourist attraction, which could be of real importance to the local area, as well as to the art world, this hidden masterpiece will remain so. It runs parallel to the hidden beauty of the ship, which has been closed off to the public for such a long period of time.”

Fin DAC, originally from Cork, but having lived much of his life in London, was a late comer to the Urban Art scene. But he has so far had an incredibly busy career, due to his distinctive paint/stencil style, which he describes as Urban Aesthetics.

The ship is now home to 8 pieces of artwork, with artists travelling from all over Europe to leave their mark on this historic vessel.